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go bold with your bathroom vanity cabinets
Your home should be a reflection of you. It should be filled with colors, materials, and items that you enjoy! While some of us tend to lean towards a more neutral and traditional palate for key items in our home, some of us prefer to make choices that are a little outside the norm, a little bold, and a little daring! If you find yourself tired of “vanilla” homes everywhere, there are a few ways you can enjoy a little spice in your home with bold bathroom vanity cabinets.

One of the easiest ways to go bold with your bathroom vanity cabinets is with the color or stain. There are many color schemes out there that incorporate a punch of color, and there is no reason why that color can’t come from your vanity. A fun paint color can spice up an otherwise bland bathroom without changing much else. Don’t forget that stains can come in other colors besides shades of brown and black, as well.

Another thing you can do with your bathroom cabinet is to choose an interesting shape. You can choose to alternate cabinet depths to create visual interest, add turned legs or feet to your vanity cabinets, or use custom pieces to create a furniture-like feel with your bathroom vanity. A good cabinet maker can help you punch up the style and interest in your bathroom with a unique and interesting vanity.

If you are renovating your space or just looking to add in some color, go ahead and start by creating a beautiful bathroom with bold bathroom vanity cabinets. We would love to help you with this endeavor here at Rudisill Cabinet Shop.