Special Cabinetry Pieces for Special Spaces: Timeless Statement Options to Consider

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In every home, there are those extraordinary spaces that beg for an extra splash of character and charm. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to transform them from mundane to magnificent. All you need are a few thoughtfully chosen special cabinetry pieces to infuse any room with a captivating blend of style, substance, and uniqueness.

Special Cabinetry Pieces for Special Spaces: Timeless Statement Options to Consider

Whether you’re looking to add intrigue to your living room or design a dazzling dining space, these timeless options will enhance your space with their breathtaking appeal:

  • Cedar Chests – Often seen at the feet of beds, cedar chests infuse spaces with rustic warmth. The aromatic red cedar wood lends a pleasant natural scent, while the grain patterns and textures add organic beauty. Use cedar chests as unexpected TV consoles or tuck them under windows to provide a handy extra seat or tabletop surface.
  • China Cabinets – These special cabinetry pieces were once considered display royalty in dining rooms and living rooms. Now, they are making a comeback as family heirlooms or as vintage storage options. Their ornately carved doors and frame details add striking visual interest in any room they furnish, besides allowing you to show off your fine china and stemware.
  • Fireplace Mantels – Fireplace mantels draw the eye upwards, amplifying the style impact of these focal points. They are crafted from rich woods, which exude a stately ambiance in family rooms and studies. These special cabinetry pieces can be repurposed to provide display space for artwork.
  • Entertainment Center – An entertainment center with cabinets below and display shelves above for decorative items pulls together a living room with panache. For one fabulous focal point, you can customize it with glass fronts, a built-in design, and specialty finishes. With an entertainment center, your TV viewing experience feels more cinematic as your living space gains an entertainment hub worthy of movie premieres.