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Bathroom linen cabinets are great for easy access to towels and necessities in the bathroom. However, bathrooms are also notorious for lots of steam, water, and heat, all of which can create musty smells in absorbent materials such as towels. If you have issues with bathroom linen cabinets smelling musty and then leaving your towels to do the same, here are a few tips that we have picked up on here at Rudisill Cabinet Shop that can help keep your linen cabinets smelling fresh.

don’t cram your bathroom linen cabinets full to the brim

First and foremost, only put dry materials in your bathroom linen cabinets. It doesn’t take a lot of moisture to start turning into a moldy, gruesome mess inside your linen closet. Even if you can’t see it, you will certainly be able to smell the mustiness in your towels and linens! Make sure that your towels, washcloths and linens are dry before putting them inside your bathroom linen cabinets.

Second, only put in the linens that you are going to use regularly. This enables you to rotate your stash on a regular basis, which helps a lot with towels and linens developing that musty, stale smell. Even if you have a favorite towel or two, make sure that the others get some love as well.

Third, don’t cram your bathroom linen cabinets full to the brim! Not only does excessive towels and linens look worse than a tidy linen cabinet, but it prevents the linens from being able to breathe. When you cram towels and linens in there too full, there’s not enough circulation to prevent them from becoming musty.