Choose the Right Cabinet Style for Your Next Kitchen Remodel with These Tips! [infographic]

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Kitchen cabinets are such an important part of your kitchen! Not only do they serve a utilitarian purpose for storage, but they also are a crucial design element as well. Most of us spend a lot of time in our kitchen, whether preparing food, eating or even just chatting with family members. If it feels like everyone ends up in the kitchen when you have any kind of gathering, you want to choose the style of cabinets that best suits you during your next remodel. Here are a few options for your consideration:

  • Traditional- Traditional cabinetry is going to stick to timeless colors, aesthetics and materials. You might find some stained wood cabinetry or a classic white. When you are looking to sell a home, traditional cabinets appeal to a wide variety of buyers.
  • Contemporary- Contemporary styles are great for modern homeowners who want something functional and attractive. These cabinets are often marked by clean lines, minimalistic styles, and a balance of old and new materials.

Choose the Right Cabinet Style for Your Next Kitchen Remodel with These Tips! [infographic]

  • Modern- While modern cabinetry is similar to contemporary in being sleek with clean lines, you will find a few differences. Modern styles lean toward clean, simple materials without a lot of frills or clutter. The materials are allowed to shine rather than the accents!
  • Country Farmhouse- You don’t have to live in a farmhouse to enjoy a country farmhouse kitchen! Farmhouse styles are focused on warm, cozy, inviting spaces that use a lot of personal details and highlight the décor.
  • Cottage- Cottage kitchens are often smaller, more intimate and utilize earthy materials. It’s not uncommon to find loads of wood, natural stone and distressed finishes in a cottage kitchen.
  • Beach Inspired- Coastal styles will always incorporate light, airy hues with earthy materials that are reminiscent of the beach, and kitchen cabinetry is no different! You might find white or light cabinets paired with wood floors or countertops. Blues, greens and whites are classic beach colors.
  • Mediterranean- Mediterranean styles provide you with a wonderful blend of old and new world décor. While you might find exposed brick, terra cotta tiles or wood elements, you’ll also find sleek, clean lines and beautifully constructed mosaics.
  • Industrial- Great for modern homes or city dwelling, industrial styles marry wood and metal quite artfully. These types of kitchens often have plenty of clean lines, open shelving, and lack the fussier elements of traditional cabinetry.
  • Scandinavian- Get ready for lots of light and a clean work surface with a Scandinavian kitchen! With lots of neutral tones mixed with whites and light wood, this style works with very little clutter, lots of light, and plenty of cool, enjoyable spaces.

Here at Rudisill Cabinet Shop, we want to provide you with quality kitchen cabinetry in whatever style you choose. Bring in some inspiration photos or stop by our store to see what appeals to you today.