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Televisions are a part of our décor– there’s no denying it! Whether you use your television a lot or a little, nearly all of us have at least one television in our homes that we watch regularly. Custom entertainment centers are a great way to add storage around the TV while also adding additional storage. However, when it comes to the TV itself, there are usually two schools of thought: those of us who want to showcase out TV and those of us who want to have it blend it or disappear completely. This article will focus on the latter of the two camps.

Custom entertainment centers are a great way to add storage around the TV

Unless your television is on 24/7, your TV is a big, black rectangle in the middle of what is otherwise beautiful cabinetry. There are several ways you can keep your TV where it’s easily visible when you want to watch it, but less obtrusive when turned off. First, you can hide your TV behind custom panel work or doors that can be moved aside when you want to watch it. Another thing you can do is paint the back of the entertainment center a dark color so the tv recedes into the wall instead of stands out against it. Framed artwork can also cover your tv when not in use. Finally, one of the easiest solutions is to get rid of the TV altogether! Projectors have come a long way in both quality and affordability and can be a great compromise.

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