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Here at Rudisill Cabinet Shop, we want to help you update your kitchen with modern, on-trend cabinets built with quality materials. What current cabinetry trends should you consider for your remodel? Here are eight that should be on your list.

8 Cabinet Trends Your Kitchen is Missing Out On [infographic]


1.  Color customization—Color is one way to upgrade and customize your kitchen cabinetry. Incorporating neutral shades or even bolder ones, like navy or emerald green, along with a standard color can give your kitchen interest and allure.

2.  Open shelving—With open shelving cabinetry, you can combine functionality and decoration. As you put things in your open shelving, make sure you choose items that will give the space a uniform look, like your coffee cup collection or special recipe books.

3.  Transitional styling—Using transitional styling is a great way to combine classic and modern styling. For example, opt for classic shaker cabinetry and mix things up with marble countertops and flat, black hardware.

4.  More oak wood—Oak wood cabinetry is slowly coming back from its dominant reign that lasted into the early 90s. One of the perks of oak cabinetry is that it can be blended with all kinds of styles, from classic to rustic and everything in between.

5.  Multiple finish colors—More and more homeowners have started to mix different finish colors for a different look. For instance, you may want to have your upper cabinets painted white with your lowers featuring a natural wood look.

6.  Clean, sleek aesthetics—The minimalism trend in kitchens, featuring simple, clean lines, has shown no signs of dropping in popularity.

7.  Smart tech storage—At the most basic level, your kitchen cabinetry should feature a charging station for all of your gadgets. Beyond that, consider having wireless devices built into your cabinetry, which can include televisions, a tablet, or even speakers.

8.  Under-cabinet lighting—LED lighting becoming more mainstream has made under-cabinet lighting more popular than ever. Installing lights under your cabinetry can add light to working areas while improving the ambience of your kitchen.