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Custom kitchen cabinets are great for utilizing every square inch of space possible. Rather than forcing stock options into spaces that aren’t built for stock options, custom kitchen cabinets make sure that you get quality cabinetry built to size and scale that won’t waste any space. While size and the ability to customize your features are one thing, there are certain features that are great for custom kitchen cabinets that you might not realize are an option. Here are a few features for your custom kitchen cabinets that you didn’t realize until now that you needed:

there are certain features that are great for custom kitchen cabinets

  • A designated appliance area in the pantry- One of any designer’s pet peeves is often how many appliances are left on the countertops in a kitchen. You can either keep your appliances put up and consistently be getting them out every day, leave them out to clutter your kitchen, or utilize the secret third option, which is to build an area in your pantry specifically for appliances that are utilized often, but not often enough to justify countertop real estate. Things like the blender, toaster, food processer, etc. can stay out and ready to use, but not out and cluttering the look of your kitchen!
  • Coffee stationWho doesn’t love a morning tea or coffee? Showcase that love and make it easy to prepare your morning beverage with custom kitchen cabinets transformed into a coffee station.
  • Tech centerSo many devices, so many things to charge! Make it easy by adding a tech station or charging station to a point in your kitchen.

If you are considering custom kitchen cabinets, let us help you design some great, personalized features for your space at Rudisill Cabinet Shop!