There are Many Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Custom Kitchen Cabinets!

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Custom kitchen cabinets are a complete win for you and your home. There are a lot of reasons to love our custom cabinets at Rudisill Cabinet Shop, but especially our custom kitchen cabinetry. We understand your desire to be personally involved in the cabinet work done for your home so that they can be customized to your needs. Additionally, we bring 40 years of experience in the business to the table to meet you in the middle and make sure you get exactly what you need. We want your custom kitchen cabinets to reflect your preferences and practical needs, so ultimately, we want you to have the final say in how to best use your kitchen storage space in your home and we’ll support you on that 100% of the way. If you want the pros and cons spelled out, just ask us! We want to offer you support and our past experiences in providing custom kitchen cabinets in a way that is most meaningful to you.

There are Many Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Custom Kitchen Cabinets!

We care about how you feel and how your custom kitchen cabinets work for you in the long term. You’ll find excellent customer service with a personal touch and a listening ear. Apart from our 30 plus years of personal expertise and consulting with you on a personal level, we will bring solid wood cabinet construction and a lifetime love of woodworking.

We are happy to talk about the practicality of a Lazy Susan, a desk nook, pantry cabinets, overhead cabinets, shelving options within cabinetry, wood types, and so much more. We customize more than cabinetry — we’ll customize our consultation conversations just for you and your home to meet your needs for years to come and then some.