Explore the Possibilities of Built-In Cabinets

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There is more to built-in cabinets than you might expect, especially when you have yours installed by our experienced team at Rudisill Cabinet Shop. After reading this post about all the possible ways to make use of built-in cabinets in your house, be sure to schedule an in-home consultation to get started. We are happy to travel anywhere in Catawba County to service you!

Explore the Possibilities of Built-In Cabinets

• Long-Lasting- You won’t have to worry about wear and tear on your cabinets because we use real wood in all our builds– no composite materials or particleboard. Plus, since built-in cabinets are connected securely to your walls, floors, and ceiling, you won’t ever have to worry about them shifting. These components are destined to stay firmly in place.

• Customizable- Do you have an odd nook in your home? Or maybe the most common cabinet measurements don’t quite fit your space. Whatever the case, we’ll make sure to get precise sizing so everything fits just like it should. We aim to maximize storage space and emphasize aesthetics, meaning you can choose the hardware, color, and dimensions.

• Define Your Space- A special type of built-in cabinet that you might not have considered is a kitchen island. Thanks to the additional counterspace, storage area underneath, and possibility of a breakfast bar, this would direct the flow of traffic around your kitchen. Additionally, a floor-to-ceiling bookcase can offer privacy, while a customized entertainment center will dictate what direction to face the couches.