How to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

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When you clean your kitchen, it’s important not to neglect your kitchen cabinets. Cabinets are quite durable and can last for a few decades. However, if they aren’t cleaned regularly, you’ll need to replace them sooner, which is an unnecessary expense, since cleaning them is easy and cheap. You only need common household items. Here’s the 101 on cleaning your kitchen cabinets.

How to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

How Often Should You Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets?

You should clean your cabinet doors regularly so that grease stains, fingerprints, and dust aren’t left accumulating on them. Cleaning the doors weekly should suffice.

You should deep clean your kitchen cabinets a couple of times per year. This means taking everything out of the cupboards and cleaning every surface. You’ll be able to clean out potential dust, stains, or crumbs that could attract pests.

What Should You Use to Clean Them?

All of our cabinetry at Rudisill Cabinet Shop is made of solid wood or plywood rather than composite materials like MDF or particleboard. Having wood cabinets means they’re made with high-quality materials that will last long, but it also means you have to be cautious about how you clean your cabinets so you don’t damage the wood.

The key word for cleaning wooden cabinets properly is “gentle.” Use gentle products and apply them gently.

  • Dish soap. For regular cleaning, dilute some mild dish soap in water. Dip a soft rag in the mixture and use it to wipe down the doors. Make sure you’re not soaking the doors, as that can damage them. Less is more.
  • Vinegar. Occasionally, you may need something a little stronger than dish soap to clean off sticky grime. Dilute one part vinegar with two parts water in a spray bottle and spritz your cabinet doors lightly before wiping them gently. Don’t use vinegar frequently, or the acidity could damage the wood.