5 Custom Bathroom Cabinet Planning Philosophies We Think You’ll Love

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Here at Rudisill Cabinet Shop, building and installing custom bathroom cabinets is part of the job.

5 Custom Bathroom Cabinet Planning Philosophies We Think You’ll Love

We think that there are several key components to making custom cabinets that you’ll go crazy over.

  1. We Keep the Custom in Customer– We know that it’s important to listen to you first and foremost. No one knows what your home is like day in and day out better than you do. We also offer honest and caring advice on your terms. Please ask us questions. We are ready to give you as much consultation as you want but won’t go overboard making it so that we don’t hear you.
  2. Offering Quality in Quantity–We know your home spaces are valuable to you and we are here to offer professional experience and personal passion for woodworking with real, solid, quality wood to make your custom bathroom cabinets better than you thought possible.
  3. Don’t Waste Space– With custom bathroom cabinets, we believe it is important to consider that there are actually a lot of spaces to tap into. You can build overhead, into the space in the wall, extend into a closet-type area, and definitely don’t waste the space under and around your sink. You probably already know deep down that you are going to want that storage since personal care products are expensive and always seem to add up fast in your cupboards and drawers.
  4. Go with the Flow–Definitely keep in mind in your design that water is not a great friend to the life of wood, even quality hardwoods like we use. While cabinets under and above the sink can be protected by good choices for backsplashes, trim, countertops, and access to plumbing valve shut offs, you’ll probably want to think higher if you want cabinetry near tubs or toilets. And don’t forget to watch your head if this is the style for you.
  5. Feel Fabulous–When putting together the pieces of your custom bathroom cabinet design you won’t want to forget the vanity. A great aesthetic for one of the first and last places you tend to see each day can help you feel fabulous about your home and yourself. We are happy to offer you a selection of bathroom vanity cabinets that will help you feel great about your selection day after day.