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Bathroom cabinets are used frequently, but because the bathroom is a more private space, people tend to put more of their designing efforts into more common areas such as the kitchen. However, just because an area is only used by a few people doesn’t make it any less special or purposeful! If you are thinking of adding custom bathroom cabinets to your space, here are a few ways that you can make the most of this process and really customize these areas.

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First, start your design by making a detailed list of how you use the space every day and even things that bother you as you get ready. This can help you see some potential opportunities of custom features that might work out best for you. For example, if you don’t have enough plugs where you need them or are always needing to hunt through large drawers, you might want to consider customizing some cabinetry or the vanity with pull-out shelves that have extra outlets.

Second, consider designing your custom bathroom cabinets in ways besides just choosing your colors and door types. Think about things like adding extra height (or subtracting it if you are shorter), soft-close drawers and door hinges if you have toddlers or drawer organizers.

Third, make sure you choose custom bathroom cabinets from a quality company like ours at Rudisill Cabinet Shop. With over 30 years of experience professionally doing woodworking, we can deliver quality, long-lasting custom bathroom cabinets that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.