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Our custom kitchen cabinets will give your home functional, beautiful storage that will last for years to come.

Remodeling a kitchen involves making many important decisions, from choosing what appliances to buy to laying out the space. Some of the decisions that will have the greatest impact on the overall functionality of your kitchen involve the cabinets—after all, you can’t cook or entertain if you can’t find the ingredients or utensils you need. While some homeowners may choose pre-fabricated or stock cabinets, to truly maximize the use of your space, we recommend choosing custom kitchen cabinets instead.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Maiden, North Carolina

Custom kitchen cabinets have a number of advantages over their stock counterparts. For one, they are made to fit the exact dimensions of your kitchen, while stock cabinets are made in standard sizes that often leave homeowners gaps of wasted space. Another reason why we recommend custom kitchen cabinets is because they offer a higher standard of materials and craftsmanship. While many stock cabinets are made with cheap alternatives such as particle board, we use only the highest-quality wood, which provides greater durability and longevity and gives your kitchen a warm elegance that lesser materials can’t match. In addition, our carpenters have decades of experience and take great pride in their work, so you are sure to get superior workmanship that puts your kitchen a step above the rest.

At Rudisill Cabinet Shop, we are proud to serve the Maiden, North Carolina community, and we want to help you get the most out of your kitchen. Our custom kitchen cabinets can give you the logical, accessible storage and organization that you’ve been looking for, as well as the elegance that can only come from handcrafted work. If you are interested in our custom kitchen cabinets, give us a call today to learn more.

At Rudisill Cabinet Shop, we build custom kitchen cabinets for customers in Hickory, Conover, Newton, Maiden, Catawba, Lincolnton, Claremont, Vale, Connelly Springs, Valdese, Hildebran, Hudson, Granite Falls, Lenoir, Morganton, Taylorsville, and Blowing Rock, North Carolina.